Do You Think Before You Promote?


Are your promotional efforts sending out an impenetrable fog of Buy, Buy, Buy that no one pays any attention to?

Perhaps it’s because the considerations that matter most in the social platforms indie authors use to promote their work are also the things that should matter most in their personal life.

1. Write More Than You Promote
I think (and this is just me talking … what works for you might be different) that an ideal balance is 80% writing and 20% promoting.

Of course, this assumes you’re not neglecting something even more important along the way … like your family and friends. Make them your priority, and adjust the rest of your time accordingly.

2. Engage, Don’t Spam
In many ways, this is just an extension of point one. Yes, you can talk about your work, but promote in moderation. If the only reason you’re talking to people is to get them to buy your book, most of them are going to ignore you anyway.

Talk to people. Really talk to them. Be a friend and help them. Just like in real life, many of them will reciprocate. It’s amazing how it works … and it’s really that simple.

3. Forget You’re Online
When you engage with others online with your social media, pretend you’re looking right into their eyes. Whether it’s reviewers, readers or other authors, treat them all with the same respect you expect for yourself. Talk about things that interest you, and listen to the interests of others.

The Golden Rule … remember?

4. Pay It Forward
I never get tired of that phrase. I try to pay it forward whenever I can. It’s the main reason I write this blog … to help other indie authors (OK, that’s stretching it just a bit … it’s not the main reason … I do want you to know about my own books, after all).

But I’m convinced positive energy will find more positive energy.

5. Be Prepared to Hear the Truth
When you ask for help, be prepared to hear the truth and react accordingly. No one knows your story as well as you do and, I’m sorry, not everyone is going to be enamored of your heroes. The most helpful of your supporters will tell you when things just don’t ring true.

The key is having people around you who will tell you the truth … even when it isn’t always what you want to hear. They are trying to help, and listening to them will make you a better writer.



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