To Podcast or Not to Podcast?

split rails
Knowing Which Way To Go Is Not Always Easy.


I’ve included (one more time) my recent podcast where I answered reader questions about indie writing (duration approx 15 minutes):

However, instead of following it with my usual rant about indie publishing, I thought today I’d skip some of that. Instead, I have a simple question to ask you. Several of them, really.

Should I do more podcasts?

Would you rather have snippets of new writing, like the one below?

Or should I leave things well enough alone?


I fled with my family after watching the first of the soldiers come. I saw them prod women and old men with bayonets, forcing them to leave their comfortable homes, taking nothing with them … no food, no coats, sometimes not even moccasins.

I wanted no part of their migration.

We went deep into the woods, almost to the first blue-grey ridges of Shacorage, meaning “blue, like smoke” … the Cherokee name for the mountains. I thought we would be safe when we built our new log house in a small clearing in that valley so far away from everyone, but they found us with ease.

We were downwind and could smell the smoke. I ran to the top of the ridge, saw the uniforms and realized they had found us. I had hoped they would not discover us so deep in the woods in the shadow of the mountain, but it seems we were not hidden well enough.

“Stay down,” I whispered to Ayita and Adahy, “the soldiers have found us.”

“Our house,” Ayita said. Her hands covered her face, as if she did not want to see. My son Adahy said nothing, but his mouth was set in a hard, grim line as he watched his home go up in the mighty blaze.

~ from my new novel “Blood Lake” – coming this summer


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