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frozen bike
Frozen Bike and Barbeque

I suspect there are lots of folks wondering if this arctic blast of snow and cold in much of the country isn’t evidence against global warming. Personally, not that anyone cares, I think it’s much more likely to be evidence of the cyclical nature of weather on this shiny blue pebble.

One thing I do know … it’s hard to type when your fingers hurt from the cold. I’ve recently accumulated a lot of direct evidence.

Staying Warm
I think I’ve shoveled the drive more times already this year than in the previous ten years put together … and it’s been frigid. Below zero for more consecutive nights than I can remember.

The cold also extends much farther south than it used to. I can’t help but feel sorry for all those folks stuck on the Interstate in Georgia … where they’re not used to icy winters like this.

I’m extremely cognizant of the warm house I have that waits for me after every shoveling excursion. Believe me, I give silent thanks for my good fortune (and hope the power stays on).

It’s too snowy and cold outside to think of going anywhere, but it does give me the perfect excuse to write, since I’m not much of a TV person, although I did watch the Black List earlier this week. I also took a few moments to watch President Obama deliver the 2014 State of the Union Address.

But after his speech was over I checked the thermostat, turned off all the “talking heads” and got right back to writing.

Quiet Book Signing
In my last post I mentioned I was supposed to participate in a book signing last Saturday. Unfortunately, the unruly weather wouldn’t cooperate for those few hours.

A near whiteout kept most people away, including the other two authors scheduled to be there. I spent three hours talking to the very pleasant bookstore owner Sandra Maurer … and my sister-in-law and youngest son who both braved the weather to attend.

mackinac bridge
Mackinac Bridge Closed

A friend, Michael Dwyer, who runs the annual Rochester Writer’s Conference was also stymied by the weather. He was returning from a writing assignment in Upper Michigan and planned to visit the book signing, but the bridge was closed. I was flattered he’d take the time, or even make the effort.

When Mike caught up to me this week he mentioned he’s trying to put together a group of authors to do book signings for a new local bookstore not too far from me. When he asked if I wanted to participate, of course I said yes.

Other Things
In the meantime, Sandra Maurer contacted me again yesterday to let me know about another book signing in her bookstore around Valentine’s Day. Seems there are some tales in my short-story collection TINKER she thinks fit that date just fine.

I’m also trying to connect with a teacher in central Florida who wants to make my novel REICHOLD STREET required reading in the creative writing program. Things are looking up.

Like every indie author, I’ve been trying to promote my books for a while now and it’s not been easy. It’s encouraging some things finally seem to be happening. I’m going to keep on trying … and I’m definitely going to keep on writing.


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