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Reichold Street cover
5-Star Review for “Reichold Street”

It’s always nice to find out someone likes your work.

I have a lot of family and friends who praise the things I do, and my novel “Reichold Street” has been no exception.

Still, there is always something inside you that, no matter how much people who know you say they like it, makes you hope someone you don’t know, someone who may never have heard of you before, will like it, too. A person who doesn’t feel obligated to say nice things.

Little things, like a reader commenting: “Oh, my goodness. This is a good book!”

Or online reviews that say things like: “masterfully written.”

And then there is that outside reviewer, that stranger you hoped for, who writes things like this:

  • “Reichold Street” is an extremely moving coming-of-age account during the turbulent 1960’s
  • This book will appeal to a vast audience
  • You will be moved by Albert’s shady beginnings to find out the real story behind all the madness
  • A great piece of literature…wonderful addition to any library

Then there’s my personal favorite:

  • Ronald L. Herron is a master of the art of character development

If this all sounds like a bit of bragging, you’re probably right. But the press releases don’t go out until next week.

Until then, the book is still on sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Perhaps you should head on over and get your copy, before the crowds gather. LOL!

Seriously, it’s a lot of fun but, all things considered, it’s probably a good thing I’m retired and don’t have to worry about my day job. I don’t know how most writers survive.

Find out more about my books on the web site: Broken Glass

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2 Responses to “First Reviews”

  1. Ron Herron Says:

    I intend to. 🙂


  2. T. W. Dittmer Says:

    Congrats, man. Keep on keepin’ on.


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