Busy Writing

Cover art for my first two books
© Ronald L. Herron

I know I said I’d be writing more often. A few of you may actually have wondered where I’ve been (can I get a show of hands, please?) Truth is, I’ve been busy writing. Honest.

Just not here.

My themed anthology/novel, Reichold Street,” was published in late March as a Kindle e-Book. My collection of fantasy short stories, Zebulon,” was published two days ago. Both of them are available on Amazon (for the Kindle), or Barnes & Noble (for the Nook). They both also offer a print version.

My third book, a collection of general interest short stories tentatively titled “Tinker,” is in the final draft stages and should also be ready this month.

I’ve totally revamped my writing web site (no, this isn’t it; this is a blog) and you can visit that site, too (I’d appreciate the traffic). It’s called Broken Glass. The title will be self-evident, if you visit. Leave a comment or two, if you visit. I’d like to make sure the section actually works for something besides spam.

If you really get interested, and either don’t have, or don’t want to go to the trouble of creating, a Barnes & Noble or Amazon account, you can buy both of my books in paperback, just by visiting my secure Books by Ronald L. Herron page.

Ain’t technology grand?

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