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Compulsion Reads Endorsement

June 17, 2013

SUCCESSEvery Once in a While Something Happens That Feels Like Success

Tooting My Horn
Hey, somebody’s got to do it, and I don’t have a publicity machine working for me.

It’s just little ol’ me here, adding an audio file on my web site Broken Glass, updating my media page, playing the promote-on-Twitter game, using the Book of Face, keeping up with AuthorsdB, and Goodreads, blogging and, oh yeah, trying to figure out how to sell my damn books while I keep up social obligations, write two new brand new novels and generally hold down the fort at home while keeping the creditors at bay.

What Am I So Excited About?
Well, I’m glad you asked (it gives me a chance to talk about it). I just learned my indie novel REICHOLD STREET, which won a 2012 Readers Favorite Gold Medal, has just received a coveted 2013 endorsement from Compulsion Reads.

OK … I know it’s not like announcing I just signed a publishing house contract for the book with a high six-figure advance … but, trust me, it feels good anyway. It took me by surprise, because CR endorses less than half the independently-produced books they read, and it’s a pretty big deal in the indie world.

Yes, I’d much rather have a big contract, or at least be able to report I’ve sold thousands of independently-produced-and-marketed copies in the last quarter, but c’mon … little successes are good, too, aren’t they? (I just checked on my royalties so far in June, and I’ll be able to take my lovely bride to at least one nice lunch this month).

But I know very well every indie author out there is always glad to know someone (other than immediate family and close, I-actually-speak-to-them, neighbors) truly likes your work. I’m no exception.

Working Hard
I know I said I’d have my “Creating Believable Characters” freebie ready by my this post, and I really thought I would … but I’ve written 20,000 words on my Reichold Street sequel, another 5,000 words on a totally new book and then had the Compulsion Reads thing happen.

You can cut me a little slack, can’t you? My giveaway is almost done (about 24-pages), and I promise I’ll have it available just as soon as I figure out MailChimp.


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