2021 – A Year for Innovation

For me, and many other indie authors, the global pandemic meant no in-person book launches. No speaking honorariums. No presentations at book industry events. Last year had a very sparse feeling to it. So, to try and keep things moving, I explored virtual readings, interviews and presentations. It wasn’t the same, but it helped.

Many indie authors were knocked off balance, and 2020 might best be remembered as the year they began innovating. They need to carry a similar “can do” spirit into the new year. Because, until vaccinations take control of the global pandemic, it’s going to be important to jettison old habits and embrace ideas that may be new to most of us.

Also a Year of Discovery
Hopefully, with a little continued innovation, and a willingness to keep moving forward, we will discover new possibilities. One of the things I discovered in my conversations with other indies was how strongly some still feel it’s a detriment to be listed in online product details as “independently published.”

Some mask the fact that they’re self-publishing by creating their own publishing imprint because, like it or not, they feel there’s a bias against self-published books.

I disagree.

I think a well-written book stands on its own, however it’s published. Successful novelists don’t let labels, or the lack of them, limit their efforts. I don’t go as far as creating my own bogus publishing imprint, because it’s not worth the cost, time and effort. But I do make certain to register each book with the Library of Congress.

The hard part, after all, is in the marketing, since there’s no publishing house to use their 85% of the proceeds to foot the bills for advertising.

Explore Promotional Tactics
Recognize a good idea when you see it. Rather than looking at something and saying, “Oh, that’s a clever idea, but it’s coming from a nonfiction author, so it won’t help me.” Instead, train yourself to say, “That is clever. How can I use it to market my novel?” Reshape it to apply to your situation and you might be surprised by how many effective tactics are suddenly available to you.

Take it a step further and study how major consumer product brands handle marketing. Can you learn anything from them, too? For example, more and more consumer brands are showing social responsibility by aligning with causes. Can you build goodwill with your ideal readers by doing the same?

Get to Know Your Readers as People
When you invest time in meaningful discovery, you can also learn what’s happening in the lives of potential readers. This gives you insights and situations you can use to improve your stories so they resonate with your target audience. The more you know about your readers, the better able you are to write books they will love and…more importantly…talk about.

Shake Things Up in 2021
If you’re an indie author, remember, I’ve mentioned before your book must have a professional cover design that meets the genre style, professional editing and proofreading, and beta reader input for feedback on the story, characters and dialogue.

Vow to make the coming year one that sees you reaching new success milestones. Instead of talking about what you can’t do to market your novel, make a list of what you can do. Be open-minded. There are more options available than you might think.


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2 Responses to “2021 – A Year for Innovation”

  1. Bob Wonnacott Says:

    Thank you, Ron, for the terrific suggestions in this post. They are thought provoking and I will put them to use!


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