Why Autumn Rules

“Autumn Rules” © R.L. Herron

My wife and I just spent two days touring the thumb area of Michigan’s lower peninsula. We were honestly disappointed for most of the trip. The fall color we were anticipating wasn’t as ready as we were!

However, there was enough to make it a nice two days.

The photograph above, taken late in the afternoon, was one of the marvelous images we found. Looking at a shot like this reminds me why I love living here. In a matter of moments, a dull grey day can become a riot of color!

I couldn’t help thinking about something I mentioned in my last post, that I can hardly wait to see what’s on the road tomorrow.

For me, it’s true. Every day is an adventure and every day can contain something spectacular for each of us, if we are only wise enough to be looking for it.

It occurred to me this philosophy translates nicely to the work environment. Too bad I left the nine-to-five, because I’ve been learning more about using social networking, like this blog, as a marketing tool.

It’s an area marketers, if they haven’t done so already, are going to quickly discover. I’d like to think I can help them devise metrics to measure the success of such new tools and see what’s on their road tomorrow.

Of course, there are also plenty of times I just want to sit back and enjoy the sights.



One Response to “Why Autumn Rules”

  1. mygraphix Says:

    Nice shot Ron. I keep hearing from people that the colors are disappointing this year. However my wife and I were driving through Northville this afternoon when she commented to me that she felt the colors were more spectacular this year than any in recent memory.Keep up the good work.


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