Black and White

“Egret After Sunset” by R.L. Herron

There doesn’t seem to be any good news on the horizon, despite the slight growth in the economy. Perhaps it has something to do with my location. Things in this area seem more depressed than elsewhere in the country.

So much of our local economy, for such a long time, has been dependent on the auto industry. When that industry suffers, and it surely has, everyone around here suffers along with it.

Short-Sighted Leaders
I’ll never understand the arguments of those who said it was best to let the American auto companies die, rather than have the government (you and me, folks) help them through the tough financial times.

Can they possibly be so short-sighted not to see the ramifications of something like that? Failing to aid our largest manufacturing base would have created a depression so deep I shudder to think about it.

Have the naysayers missed the massive housing decline, and the steep fall in retail sales? Do they really think those empty malls and shuttered plants have nothing at all to do with the mess our financial institutions caused with their greed?

Or am I being too cynical?

After all, the pundits like to say (particularly when they’re bashing my own misguided opinions) the world isn’t just black and white. Even though our esteemed media, and most of our politicians, seem determined to separate everything that way.

It seems that way with the shot of the egret above, too (I know, that was a really terrible segue).

I took the shot late in the day … after sunset, actually … using a high ISO setting on the camera. Since it was handheld, I was extremely thankful for the anti-shake mechanics of the lens.

Even so, there’s a lot of softness and grain and the result, trust me, looks much better in black and white. But I miss the color. The soft, warm glow that seemed to dissolve into the inky blue of the night sky.

I miss the nuances and color of regular life, too. They seem to get lost in the endless stream of conservative-liberal ‘the world is either black or white’ rhetoric we hear every day.

Isn’t anyone else tired of it? I miss the color.

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