“Another Thunderhead”  © R.L. Herron

Even with the best planning, some things don’t always go the way you hope. Life has a way of pushing itself into the foreground, making all your plans moot, much the same way as a summer storm intruding on an otherwise perfect afternoon.

If you’re lucky, you have a camera ready to catch the image of the storm coming. It makes for an enduring image.

If you’re really lucky, all the metaphors that storm can represent are as easily handled.

The key for the interesting photograph may be in keeping that camera ready, to be used at a moment’s notice. Just as the key for most of life is having a little something in reserve to call upon when the storm threatens.

One Response to “Thunderhead”

  1. donhab Says:

    You always gotta capture the moment…in life or in photography!


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