Passin’ Time

“Passin’ Time” © R.L. Herron

When you’re working it’s easy to get caught up in daily routines. Schedules, meetings and appointments abound. All of them crucial, or critical, or whatever else we choose to consider them.

My photography and writing time was something that I scheduled along with everything else. I almost always have a camera and a notebook with me and my thinking was: “I can shoot in the park on my way to work, if I leave thirty minutes early. If I can get up an hour early, I’ll also have time to write.”

The funny thing is, it seemed to work. I made myself look for interesting images wherever I went and sometimes made a note to schedule a return with my camera when the light was better. Or had a thought I later turned into a good thousand words.

Now that I’ve retired (I don’t consider looking for consulting opportunities to be full-time employment), I’m not so diligent. It’s funny, but so many things have a way of filling the time and there never seems to be enough time.

Yet there is so much to enjoy. From early morning conversations with my wife, to quiet times just sitting and fishing on the end of the dock.

In fact, I have so much fun, the next time I seriously think I might even bring bait.

One Response to “Passin’ Time”

  1. tsnyds Says:

    Don’t bring bait. If you catch ’em you have to clean ’em!


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