“Grand Haven Lighthouse and Pier”  © R.L. Herron

Ever wonder about the “what if” moments in life?

What if your parents had never met?

What if you hadn’t gone to the college you chose?

What if you hadn’t taken that first job offer in your hometown, and instead had moved out-of-state?

What if you had never taken up photography, or writing?

What would you be doing? What things would you enjoy?

Truth is, it really doesn’t matter. I took up photography as a young man, but never did much with it. I also took up writing, with the same result.

However, I used the skills of each throughout my career. And here I am using both again.

I think we end up where we’re supposed to, and the things that matter will always matter. Love for your wife and family. Admiration of great art, creative wordsmiths and skillful photographers. The enjoyment of a beautiful sunset.

Those are things that will enrich your soul, and last far beyond your questions.

Life is what you make of it, and I’m convinced it should be lived in the “now.”

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