Why Photography?

“Lake Sixteen Sunset” © R.L. Herron

I originally wanted to write about a specific kind of camera I was collecting. However, I soon realized I already had a web site devoted to them, and an active forum about them. What, then, was I doing writing a blog?

Well, I think it comes down to a way of expressing creativity. I enjoy photography, always have. Minored in it in college, a long time ago. Played with it, off-and-on, for many, many years. I’ve gotten more interested in it again since I retired. I like being able to produce images that convey some sense of what I was feeling at the moment the shutter was tripped. Same thing with my writing. I have time to do it now.

I like the photo above, not because it’s anything spectacular, but because it captured that fleeting moment just after sunset exactly the way I wanted it to. And it’s particularly important to me in another way, one that isn’t evident just from the image.

It was taken on an evening when my son, a professional photographer who now lives more than twelve hundred miles away, was in town … and we were out together, talking about photography and shooting pictures … together.

You don’t see us together in the shot, but we were. And that’s what makes it special to me.



2 Responses to “Why Photography?”


    That shot came out nice. I had fun that evening.


  2. Gene Wilburn Says:

    Ron, special moment indeed, and I think it’s a beautiful photo!


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