It’s been a long time since I added anything to this blog. I have to admit, there’s no reason other than procrastination. I’ve been taking shots that I meant to post … just as I’ve written new stories … but I just didn’t take the time.

I’m afraid I don’t have the time this time, either, but I promise to get better at it.

I did want to mention how digital has become important in my camera arsenal. I still have over 150 film cameras – and love working with them – but my digital SLR has become a must-have in my camera case. It’s not that it’s better than all those film cameras … it’s just so, well, convenient.

The world has moved into that realm, big time, and that is certain to accelerate. Right now, film is harder to find, and film processing is also getting harder to come by. I’ve started considering my own B&W processing.

However, I scan the negs to make prints, and no longer need the traditional dark room. Old dogs do learn new tricks, and this old hound is still learning. There are some fantastic new digital toys out there, and I’m sure I’ll find time to play with a few of them.

But I still salivate over neat old film rangefinders!

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