An Intrusion of Reality

Hurricane Irma – Sept. 2017

I’m often engrossed in the writing I do. To the point of ignoring things around me. My long-suffering bride can attest to that.

However, as almost everyone on the planet knows, once in a while, life can force you to step away from whatever else you’re doing and make you pay attention to the world, whether you want to or not.

These past weeks have been like that in my house.

First, my father-in-law, a strong, kind-hearted gentleman, passed away. Even though he was over 100 and we all knew it was inevitable, it was still a traumatic event … even with hospice. He had been chopping wood to heat his farmhouse well into his nineties.

Although he lived on the other side of the state, as he failed, my wife and her sister spent days by his bedside in the nursing home, and were with him the night he died.

The last man standing from his WWII unit, a military honor guard for his service in Europe at Normandy and Ardennes was present for both his funeral and his interment.

Admired by everyone, he will be missed by many for a long time.

At almost the same time, we also had friends and family who had to endure the worst hurricane in decades as it roared through Florida. My middle son and his wife got out of West Palm just in time … and my oldest got his wife and kids out of harm’s way, too.

However, my oldest was stuck there … alone. Talk about stress. We spent many tense hours … hours that morphed into days … tracking the storm and trying to communicate with him to make certain he was all right.

Now that the storm is over, we finally know damage to his home is minimal and the power is on again. His family is back with him … and he’s fine. Our thoughts and prayers are with the many in Florida (and Texas) who haven’t been as fortunate.

I’m slowly unclenching my teeth and getting back into my routine. I’ve even started writing again. Although the characters haven’t told me much yet, I hope to return to writing regularly soon, so I can have my eighth book ready for publication no later than next spring.

To help get myself back into it, there’s a writing group at a local Barnes & Noble that I regularly attend. They’re meeting next Tuesday. Then, on October 21, 2017, I will be at the Tenth Annual Rochester Writers’ Fall Conference at Oakland University.

The day after that conference (October 22, 2017) I’ve been invited to participate in the Books & Authors Book-Signing Event at the eclectic local store, Leon & Lulu, in Clawson, Michigan. If you’re in southeast Michigan about that time, I hope to see you there.

Life goes on.


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3 Responses to “An Intrusion of Reality”

  1. Mary Hackstock Says:

    A nice post Ron. Love

    Sent from my iSlate


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  2. Motor City Bob Says:

    I am really sorry to hear about your father, Ron. So glad everything turned out alright with the hurricane situation. I’m sure these two situations may give you some inspiration for a story line or two. I enjoy reading your books. The last one I picked up from you at the last Leon & Lulu author book show was great. I am an emerging writer, working on a memoir right now. I just attended this years Detroit Working Writers conference, it hope of improving my skill level. Most of the people there were recommending Rochester Writers group. I will have to look into what Rochester has to offer. I just wanted to say, from a beginning writer, that I really enjoy your books. Now, I have to get back to my memoir. As they say – Write, Write, Write! (and Read, Read, Read!)

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    • Ron Herron Says:

      Thanks. My father-in-law was a great guy. A true gentleman. And you’re right…everything that happens to you is a story line waiting to be discovered. I’m glad you enjoy my books (and I hope you’re leaving reviews on Amazon).

      By the way, the Rochester writing group meetings are always informative.


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