Do You Need an Occasional Writing Break?

beach at sunsetI think we all need some time to reflect.

I published my sixth book in four years in May, and I'm already 12,000 words deep into book number seven.

As I promised my lovely bride (46 years in June) I’ve taken a break from writing. Not in any dramatic way … I still intend to finish that next book before the end of the year … but I’ve cut back on the number of minutes I spend each day on the task.

Don’t for a minute think it isn’t a task. If you’re serious about writing … at least about writing anything good … you need to treat it like a job and work hard at it.

However, skipping a few minutes a day let’s me concentrate on the house, the yard, my family, my wife (not necessarily in that order) and it’s a good thing to do … even if it is temporary.

I know (and, more importantly, my bride knows) I have so many stories to tell there may never be enough time to get them all down. But every so often I need a break … we all do.

Let’s call it recharging the batteries.

So, as we head into this Memorial Day holiday weekend, I thought I’d just dispense with all the writing blather and pass along something entertaining.

Last December I read an interesting article in Rolling Stone about the 20 greatest singing duos of all time. I didn’t agree entirely with their list, but that’s irrelevant.

I did find three duos from the past whom I thought made some fantastic music. I thought I’d share them with you here (actually, I just wanted to hear them again myself).

The three I like are Simon & Garfunkel, the Righteous Brothers, and a special favorite, the Everly Brothers.

Enjoy the videos, and have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.

Boy, does this one bring back memories!


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  1. Mary Hackstock Says:

    Great musical choices. Love

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