Resting Place

“The Red Bench” © R.L. Herron

It’s been interesting to observe all the activity in the world these past weeks. There are many emotions involved, but that’s the best way I can describe it. Interesting.

It has been alternately exciting, terrifying, demoralizing, fabulous and frustrating.

The happenings in the Middle East have conjured images both wondrous and awful. Wondrous that so many people, in so many countries, are now clamoring for democratic reforms; awful in the violence and bloodshed that ensues.

But you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to find frustration.

Right here at home the political posturing causes me to react the same way, because it is at once demoralizing and frustrating.

Where has the idea of compromise gone?

Where are the champions of the common good? Why are we trying so hard to destroy all the hard-earned advances won by collective bargaining? Does anyone seem to care that our middle class has become a citizenry that is rapidly becoming second class?

We seem to have forgotten how to have civilized debate in this country.

Our political system is full of self-serving rhetoric designed only to “tear down the other guy” while making our own side seem grand. In the process we are losing the ability to work together.

That attitude and ethic is what made our country great, and we seem hell-bent on destroying it.

Maybe we need a place, like the red bench above, just to meet, sit and discuss our issues. Or maybe it should be a place just to calmly rest and reflect.

We could all benefit with a little more thought behind our actions.


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