Giving Thanks

“The Harbor at Cavtat, Croatia” © R.L. Herron

It’s that time of year again.

We celebrate a holiday here we call “Thanksgiving.” The myth behind it is just that, a myth. But the reason for the celebration has come to be more than the original story.

It’s really a time to be thankful for the good things in our life.

Friends, family, health. The ability to support ourselves and contribute to society. The opportunity to share our good fortune, however meager some of us may feel it is, is paramount. Our charity toward others will always come back to us.

I’ve been extremely fortunate in my life. There have been ups and downs, to be sure. Everybody has them.

But I have a wonderful family, widely dispersed now, but loving and giving and close. I have a beautiful, generous, big-hearted wife whom I love more each day.

My friends are all people I know I can count on to be generous and supportive with their time, who know they can also count on me.

Plus, my wife and I have been able to visit a lot of places on this planet of ours. We know how fortunate we have been.

Every time I look at the picture above, I am reminded of the beautiful places available to all of us, and I rejoice in the thought.

It only seems proper, now that the weather is turning cold and we start venturing outside less often, to have our thoughts wander to these good things again.

I intend to consider very carefully all the things that are special in my life and give thanks for them.

The crises and troubles that seem to dominate media events that pass for “news” these days will be moved to the shadows, at least for the moment.

There is joy in the world and there is abundant love available. That seems to me something much more important, something to celebrate and be enormously grateful for.


2 Responses to “Giving Thanks”

  1. Ron Herron Says:

    David –
    Not sure where you heard I had Speed Graphics for sale. Yes, I DO have some Speed Graphics, along with a lot of other old film cameras, and I have thought about selling some of my camera collection. The Speed Graphics work and, since they are somewhat sought after, I would have to get a decent price for one of them. Without testing the market, I can only guess at what that might be.


  2. David Prewitt Says:

    This has nothing to do with the above blog, just wanted to contact you, I notice you had some Speed Graphic cameras for sale, I’m looking for one, really doesn’t matter if it works or not, just wanting one for the shelf. I work as a photojournalist for a small newspaper in North Carolina.


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