Time Will Tell

“Worker” © R.L. Herron

I was going to post my thoughts yesterday on what I had hoped to hear in President Obama’s State of the Union Address.

However, daily life intervened and ensured I would not have time to write anything as unnecessary as my blog. As I come back to it today, I cannot help thinking we are all, like the little critter in the picture, really working toward a larger purpose.

The efforts of small societal segments, even individuals, contribute to the greater good, and I had hoped our President was going to tell us (and by “us” I mean the population in general, as well as Congressional naysayers and Wall Street) that disagreement in the course of intelligent discourse is healthy.

But there comes a time when each and every one of us must simply step up and do what’s right.

He didn’t disappoint me.

Now, I can only hope we all respond positively to his message and stop the relentless nitpicking, and senseless campaign-like rhetoric, that prevents any real progress from taking place.

Given the enmity that obviously exists between factions in our governing body, I’m not overly optimistic on that score.  I think it very likely that some of our elected leaders truly care more about their careers than the country they were asked to govern.

But perhaps, as our President said, we really can do “something worthy to be remembered.”  I hope so.

Time will tell.



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  1. Mary Says:

    It seems like you’re doing your part to do “something worthy to be remembered.” Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your posts.


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