The Fence Post

“The Fence Post” © R.L. Herron

I don’t know what it is about this particular image that captivated me so much. I do know that I took several pictures of it, and this is the one I liked the best.

It wasn’t too far from the picture of the field in the post just before this. Nothing spectacular about it. An overgrown field, full of soon-to-flower goldenrod (oh! my allergies!) and Queen Anne’s Lace, surrounded by a lot of tall grasses and other weeds, with an old wooden fence post, accompanied by some metal posts for support.

Perhaps it was the tiny, solitary yellow flower in this sea of weeds (hard to see here … it’s just to the right of the old post … click on the image to see a larger version). I know it sounds trite, but to me it’s a telling image of diversity and life, thriving even without man’s intervention. Or perhaps I’m seeing more than there really is to see.

I could have just written about it, but that’s the neat thing about cameras. This whole painting with light thing called photography … it allows you to record the images you see that mean something to you, and share them. Kind of the whole rationale behind the social media explosion, which is a marketing venue that is just beginning to come into its own.

I know it may not be everyone’s idea of an image worth sharing, but I liked it, and now I’ve shared it here.

One Response to “The Fence Post”

  1. juanital Says:

    Its very beautiful pic-and one I relate too as I see such things but not quite knowing or able to describe what drew me to it…So lovely…


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