Never Give Up

“On Paint Creek Trail” © R.L. Herron

My father died one week ago today. Someone – I don’t remember who – once told me of a quote they had read: “You’re not a man until your father dies.”

At my father’s funeral, I was thinking about that as I stood by his casket. I never felt so much like a child. Several times that first afternoon I cried profusely.

As we drove to the church for the service on Saturday morning, I wondered who would be there. Another “someone” once told me if five good friends came to your funeral, it could be said you had a good life.

As I looked around the church it seemed to me that Pop must have had a great life.

Several people spoke, including all three of my sons. Their comments were impromptu … and magnificent. Their grandfather would have been so proud of them.

I struggled to deliver his eulogy. Although several people said it was moving and nice, I still felt I had left something unsaid.

I was looking at this photograph I took last year on the nearby Paint Creek Trail. The foliage was beginning to wear its autumn best that day. Dad would have liked it. He enjoyed the fall. It reminded him that Mother Nature was not going to go away quietly into the winter.

He was fond of saying things like “you never, ever give up” for times things got a little rocky. It’s probably the attitude that helped him earn the Bronze Star for valor in WWII.

Then it occurred to me … what I had neglected to mention in his eulogy. I have no intention of giving up, Pop … ever.

Thanks for reminding me.



3 Responses to “Never Give Up”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good post.


  2. Ron Herron Says:

    Never give up, Kathy. Good words to live by. Thanks for the comment.


  3. Kathy Lynn Hall Says:

    This one tugged at my heart. That attitude was my father’s as well and I’m with you – I will never give up either. Thank you Ron.


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