“Detail” © R.L. Herron

Recent world events have made a lot of people stop wondering what’s happening to the domestic auto companies as important events unfold, particularly in Iran, where a surprising interest in free, democratic elections has evidenced itself.

It seems the whole world is hesitating and wondering about the details of the things developing.

Interesting thing about detail. Once you capture someone’s attention, you can seldom have too much.

The shot above has nothing to do with world events, but it is an exercise in detail. The stamen of this flower (please don’t ask me what it is, I am hopeless when it comes to flower names) seem to writhe and gyrate, in this close focus. There is a striking amount of detail, but it’s not really enough.

The focus is ever so soft, the product of a hand-held exposure. I knew I should have mounted the camera on a tripod, but opted not to. I said it was for expediency but, honestly, it was laziness. I just didn’t make the short trip inside (the flower is in our backyard garden, and the tripod was upstairs).

So, what could have been a stunning image, is simply interesting.

They say “the devil is in the detail.” So is the perfection and, in some cases, freedom, we strive for.

Hopefully, lesson learned.

Hmmm…maybe I should write.



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