Gears of Change

“Gears of Change” © R.L. Herron

Sad, Sad Times
How sad to think that a manufacturing giant like GM has to be forced into bankruptcy to save itself. A lot of us have known, for some time, that “the old gray lady” was just too bloated and heavy, and needed to resize itself.

Makes me think the executives I used to work for may not have known any better than I did how to manage such a beast!

Like the photo above, which is the rusty drive gear and chain of an old manure spreader, the gears of our manufacturing behemoth must have become rusty and clogged with too much of “this is the way we always did it” and it was too difficult to hear the clamor for change coming from both inside and out.

Or maybe it was heard, and ignored while they spread more crap, or things just moved too slowly to be of any use.

Sad indeed. But I have no doubt GM will be back. Leaner, and poised to take on the future once more.

Now, if I can only shake the lethargy that’s overcome me while waiting for the outcome of all this mess, maybe I can break out my cameras, both film and digital, download that new writing program, and get back to the business of taking pictures, writing, and going on with my life.



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